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Your host Sonia Kiki Jones, visual artist behind The Artist’s House is a creative powerhorse and thrives on sharing her creativity and inspiring others with her enthusiasm for all things creative.


Sonia’s idea for The Artist’s House stems from a deep awareness of the need for creatives to find each other and to have an outlet to create and share. The vision for The Artist’s House is a multi faceted dream.  As an accommodation space where you get to spend time, soak in the creativity, connect with others who love art, a place to nurture, to inspire and to relax, and as an artist's residency where creatives get to come and play. 

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Throughout the year The Artist’s House flows from being an accommodation provider for the creative and curious traveler, a place of connection and art with an environmental twist.

To an artist residency program and exhibition space, and sculpture park.


Sonia is working to build a global creative community, offering spaces for artists to create and for others to experience the amazing gifts artists have to offer.

By staying here, you support the artists: a portion of all income from the house, art and merchandise sales goes into a fund that helps support other creatives, so in the off seasons, the artist's come and play. 

Sonia has a space available for travelers to come stay, work on the land or art projects with her in lieu of accommodation. A symbiotic dream!

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A visual artist born in New Zealand to European parents, Sonia grew up with her parents renovating the now famous Cardrona Hotel in the 70s. This early immersion in entrepreneurial spirit, in creativity, repurposing  materials and restaurant life, informs a lot of how she creates.

Sonia started her art career at 29, initially painting emotive sky-scapes and then moving into using clothing as her canvas, creating big 3D wall hung artworks telling stories of the human spirit. These took her to NYC for a solo exhibition in 2017, State of [a] dress, Ora Gallery.

Recently she dove on an inward spiritual journey and is exploring mandala and geode crystalline structures as a metaphor for discovering the depths of our light and all we need to share.


Three years ago she moved to this house and has gradually been transforming and planting and has now opened this up to share with you!


The Artist's House has many dreams and goals!

Sonia is currently working on some striking glass sculptures that will be backdrops for wedding photography and doing lots of planting so that as artists come to create, there will be places for sculptures to nestle into the landscape.

There are also ideas for individual pods that can be rented as art retreats, magic places to sit and write, to paint and find peace.

And so many drawings and ideas not ready to be shared ...yet...

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